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 About us

Our services include rental and sale of gambling machines.
To offer the best service to you, we always draw on our own experience. Our company is invariably driven by the idea of satisfying all our Customers. What we particularly focus on are modern solutions. In this way we can help to raise the prestige of your place. Ethics has always been part and parcel of what we do.

Go for entertainment and win a lot of fun

What makes us special?

What we offer to you are not just machines, but also time spent on the newest forms of entertainment. We give you an opportunity to make your services even more attractive. It is not only business to us, but also a lot of fun. Low-stake gambling machines will give you a greater advantage over the growing competition.

Our priority is to ensure that the equipment we offer meets all the expectations of not only our Customers, but also the Customers of the places our machines can be found in. We are aware that apart from sale and rental of machines, you need a full service package from us. Therefore, we are always at your disposal, ensuring professional and reliable service.

Modern equipment


Quality guarantee


Professional service

 What we offer

Machine rental

Apart from selling machines, we also offer their rental. The lease-based form of cooperation aims at adapting, as much as possible, to the needs of our Customers.

Wishing to meet your expectations, we offer rental of machines, which you can use for as long as you decide.

Drawing on our experience, we know that our flexibility is of high importance and value to you, as is our reliable equipment.

So don’t wait any longer and become a lucky winner with us!

We guarantee all kinds of accessories necessary for the use of the equipment. Our service technician will deliver the machines to the place you choose, install it and activate it, as well as provide the necessary training to your staff.

We react to all reported equipment breakdowns. In the case of simple failures, we can help you over the phone, sending the components you might need by post. The most serious breakdowns are repaired by our service technician.

Machine sale

All customers who are interested in having our machines can purchase them directly from us. Apart from machine rental, our offer also includes sale. You can buy both new and second-hand equipment from us.
Before sale, all of our equipment is carefully examined, in terms of both technical and visual aspects. The machines are also under our warranty.